Insurance solutions

Professional services

Accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, advisors, real estate agents and other professionals: we understand your risks, and have the right solutions to protect your service business.

Trade & Construction

‘If you build it, they will come.’ Well, we don’t know about ‘they’, but we’ll come, armed with insurance solutions tailored for tradies and construction companies. We’ve got your back.


You’re the expert in running your business – we’re the experts in protecting it. Every business is different, talk to us about your unique needs and we can tailor your insurance solution.

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Personal & Domestic

Alright, your car might not run like this one, but your insurance should! Talk to us about high performing car, home, contents, landlords, caravan, motorcycle, boat insurance and more!

Retail insurance

Whether you’re a franchise clothing shop or you’ve got a cosy cafe, or perhaps you’ve got the perfect Aussie pub, we have business insurance solutions that will protect your needs so you can focus on what’s truly important – serving your customers! Talk to us about your retail and hospitality business insurance needs today.

Cyber & Liability

The list of liabilities continues to grow. You know about public and property liability, and now there’s management liability, cyber liability, the emerging risks continue to emerge! These risks are real, and impacting Australian businesses, but many of them are insurable. We’re across the latest trends in liability risk – talk to us today.

Workers’ comp

Every business has workplace risk, from heavy physical risks to sitting in front of a screen for long periods. Every business needs workers’ compensation insurance in place, but that’s only a safety net in your risk management program. Talk to us today about your workplace safety from an insurance perspective.

Farm insurance

Growing food for our country is a big job. We’re proud of our agriculture clients, and happy to provide good cover for your farm businesses. Whether you’re raising stock or growing crops, we’ve got tailored solutions to protect your farm’s financial future. Our farm insurance is just what you need: no more, no less.